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Career Guidance

Career Guidance and
Interview Preparation Service


Akua was desperately looking for job satisfaction and had attended not less than 5 job interviews without success. L’AINE Services helped Akua recognise her inherent qualities and provided training to enhance her job search, curriculum vitae preparation and interview techniques…and it worked! She now has a career and is a part of a multi-national company.We coach new applicants with skills that will ensure that they excel at interviews. Target or behavioural interview techniques help applicants identify their strengths and skills, projecting themselves as they are and SELLING themselves in the best possible way.This interviewing-skill-building is also available to company interview panellists to equip them with the right skills for selection and interviewing. We will encourage them to ask open questions which bring out what the applicants have done in the past so that they can predict what they are likely to do in future. We run a half day seminar on interviewing skills for management staff that have very busy job schedules.

We also do up your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a way that will enhance your competencies and guarantee you a good job at a glance from the employer.