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Corporate Responsibilities


  • To ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, colour, creed and to train, develop and encourage employee growth and development based only on merit ability. We are an equal opportunities organisation.
  • To recognise the importance and contribution of every employee towards the achievement of the overall corporate objectives of the Company.
  • To provide meaningful and sustained opportunities and career development for all our staff.
  • To prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with or occurring in the course of work by reducing to the barest minimum the causes of hazards that may be present in the working environment.
  • To ensure that good working conditions are created in order to ensure sound industrial relations.
  • To ensure that all workers are aware of their right to freedom of association.
  • To conduct open, transparent and participatory management where employees are perceived as partners in production rather than factors of production.
  • To take due regard in making the natural conditions surrounding the company clean, healthy, safe for workers and clients alike. The premises of L’AINE Services Limited are strictly a “No Smoking” zone.
  • To adhere to statutory best business practice principles and policies in order to eliminate unethical and fraudulent activities.
  • To increase the competence of businesses through management education and skills improvement of the human resource component of organisations.