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Employer of Records


For over 25 years, we have developed the expertise involved in managing people. We help your organization to manage your people, using the following:

Talent acquisition within the local market.
Talent acquisition for an organization may be a tiresome ordeal, and L’AINE is here to handle the end-to-end process of searching for the right talent to fit the job needs of your organization.

Management of staff recruitment.
The process of interviewing and sieving job applications is one that L’AINE is equipped to handle effortlessly. Allow us to handle your staff recruitment processes.

Management of Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, Insurance etc.
The responsibility of ensuring proper record keeping and execution of your statutory payments can be laid on our shoulders. At L’AINE we prioritize prompt payment of salaries and statutory at all times.

Background checks and Onboarding etc.
We are experts at investigating potential talent and confirming them for work. Beyond that, we have the capacity to conduct extensive onboarding activities for the organisation.

Provision of office space.
L’AINE Group has office spaces available for rent at the L’AINE Office Complex at the centre of Accra’s business centre in Adabraka.