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January 2, 2017 laine

It was plain joy and excitement as the management and staff of L’AINE Services came together to end the year and to thank God for his Mercies.

The night started off with beautiful renditions of various Christmas carols from the various departments. This was followed by the Secret Santa event where staff exchanged gifts and wished each other well and the best of the festive season.

However, this only proved to be the tip of the iceberg as selected staff came on stage to act out the Nine Lessons in a flawlessly rehearsed pantomime. Then came the choreographed dance and oh, everyone present couldn’t wait to have more.

As the night wore on, staff, who had gone the extra mile within the year, were rewarded by the CE of L’AINE Services, Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan, with a few others receiving long services awards with mouth watering  packages.

Item 13 crowned the night, and the dishes, simply sumptuous!


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