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June 7, 2016 laine
Legacy Girls' College

Legacy Girls’ College had the privilege of hosting Mrs. Regina Honu, Vlisco  Ambassador 2016 and CEO of Soronko Solutions and and her Tech Needs Girls Team on the 25th May 2016. This edition of Time with Accomplished Ladies, took a different turn, as students were encouraged to see Technology in a fun and engaging way.

Mrs. Regina Honu spoke extensively about her life experience as an Entrepreneur and a woman in the IT industry. When asked what her greatest regret was, she shared, “My greatest regret is allowing fear to hold me back.” She encouraged the students to eradicate fear and chase their dreams and be assertive.

With the help of her team, she showed students how to have fun with numbers and coding through a very interactive game in which she participated. In addition, students were encouraged to keep playing similar games that sharpen their minds.

Tanya Akrong, a 15-year-old Legacy Girls’ student who enjoys coding expressed how excited she was to have Mrs. Honu come and interact with them.  She informed us that as a young lady who learnt how to code on her own, it was inspiring to have the opportunity of hearing Regina Honu’s stories.

Legacy Girls’ College holds Time with Accomplished Ladies every other Wednesday, and this forms part of the school’s enhanced curriculum designed to develop students to be competent, confident and caring women. These fortnight programmes are designed to teach the students how to make a mark and leave a legacy in society, as is the motto of the school.

Mrs. Regina Honu mentioned that knowing how to code puts you a step ahead in whatever industry you find yourself in. She ended her session with the young achievers by assuring them that she will be back to give them an even more practical experience with technology .


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