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L’AINE Outsourcing

L'aine Outsoursing
We are in the business of making sure that you strategise peacefully while we take the workload off your shoulders. We are up to the task when it comes to providing well qualified staff for the operations of your organisation to manage the productivity you need to succeed the challenging world of work.
Our capability ranges from top class executives to senior management functions and other professions. We have 20 years of experience with an unrivaled skill in sourcing and managing talent to engage, carry out and deliver the results you need to win.
For L’AINE Outsourcing, we provide the following services;

Outsourcing Staff

We have a special scheme which furnishes our clients with all categories of staff who will work permanently for our client and yet remain on our payroll. This scheme allows us to relieve our clients of the administrative burden of managing staff. L’AINE handles all the personnel related functions associated with the staff, including recruitment, contracting, payments of salaries and attendance management responsibilities. This scheme allows business owners and HR managers to focus on business strategy and broader policy issues.

Payroll Management

With our payroll service we ensure that all your employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct statutory deductions, and ensure these deductions are remitted in a timely manner.

Our payroll management guarantees you of the following:

Confidentiality of Salaries:
We have a data protected system that ensures that the confidentiality of payroll information on your staff is maintained all the time.

Timely Payment of Statutory Returns: SSNIT and PAYE
We have schedule officers who focus on compiling statutory returns to the authorities. This ensures that the returns we pay on behalf of our clients are timely and accurate.

Provision of Pay-slips:
Our pay-slips are system generated and can be customized to suit the needs of our client. These pay-slips can be forwarded in hardcopy or by e-mail depending on the request from the client.

Inter- Bank Transactions:
We manage inter-bank salary transactions in conjunction with the banks. This ensures that our staff is paid promptly irrespective of which bank our staff has their account. We also have internet salary payment facilities with some of the banks that allow us to pay salaries directly into their bank accounts.