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The Road from Interviews to “Reporting for Duty”

The Road from Interviews to “Reporting for Duty”
August 11, 2016 laine

It is not every day that one gets to use his or her skills to serve his or her nation. The National Service Scheme gives Ghanaians this chance after completing their tertiary education. Scores of National Service Personnel (NSP) sent their CV’s to L’AINE Services, as part of the application process, in order to gain placement in the leading HR company in Ghana for the yearlong tenure of the NSP programme. They did so in response to information about the recruitment process of the June 2016 L’AINE NSP selection programme, which was posted on L’AINE’s social media platforms.

The selection process kicked off with the candidates taking a free personality test. On each candidate’s scheduled date, a 30-minute long riveting and engaging interview was conducted by personnel of L’AINE Services. After the interviews, the candidates were taken through an aptitude test, which lasted an hour. In a creative stint, the candidates were tasked with preparing and delivering a group presentation as part of their final assessment, all within the short time frame of an hour! In the end, the candidates were shortlisted and 11 of them were chosen to join L’AINE as the new batch of NSP.

The NSP selection programme was then capped off with an orientation session on 20th July, 2016 and this served to acquaint the chosen candidates on everything they need to know about the company. They were educated on L’AINE’s corporate culture, mission, and vision and work procedures during the orientation session, and later introduced to the rest of the L’AINE community.

L’AINE Services is delighted to have a new and vibrant additions to the team, who are ready to deliver value to the company and their nation.

The National Service Personnel reported to work officially on 25th July, 2016 and settled into their various departments with ease.



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