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L’AINE Workforce Solutions

L'AINE Services Workforce Solutions

Organizational Development

It is imperative that every organisation achieves its strategic goal. That is why you need to make a deliberate effort when it comes planning. L’AINE helps you with your strategic plans in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency in your organisation.

Developing A Sustainable Positive Culture

We help you create a positive culture, which will position your organisation to tackle the challenges and opportunities that the future brings in an effective and efficient way.

Redesigning Organisational Structure And Job Profiles

This is intervention that helps modify the structure of your organisation to make the work more interesting, challenging or productive.

Introducing Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM is also an intervention that aligns workforce with key business strategies and initiatives. This will enhance the capabilities of human resource and the effectiveness of the organisation.

Employee Development

Developing an employee is an ongoing process. This is why we assist you in developing your employees with focus on enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities to impact positively on the organisation.

Team Building

When you have the combined effort of individuals efficiently and effectively, you will have a productive organisation. Unfortunately, most organisations do not understand the essence and force behind teamwork. That is why we are here to help you understand and build a team which is vital to the functioning of modern organisations.

Total Quality Management

Every organisation should be committed to improving customer satisfaction based on teamwork and individual empowerment – continuous improvement. Our quality management scheme is designed to help you sustain that relationship.

Manpower Audit

This intervention enables the organisation to identify or determine the overall value of employees in order to put measures in place to realize their full potential